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If you're seeing this document, you an early contributor to the development and success of XMTP. We welcome your questions, feedback, suggestions, and code contributions.

SDK Access

If you wish to contribute, please explore the XMTP SDK on GitHub.

❔ Questions

Questions can be asked in our Discord #developers channel. Please apply here for access.

🐞 Bugs

Bugs should be reported as GitHub Issues. Please confirm there isn't already an open issue and include detailed steps to reproduce.

✨ Feature Requests

These should also be submitted as GitHub Issues. Again, please confirm there isn't already an open issue. Let us know what use cases this feature would unlock so that we can investigate and prioritize.

🔀 Pull Requests

PRs are encouraged, but we suggest starting with a Feature Request or Discourse post to temperature-check first. If the PR would involve a major change to the protocol, it should be fleshed out as an XMTP Improvement Proposal before work begins.